In this episode of Between Birds of Prey we celebrate the Winter solstice and the arrival of Winter.

  1. Nest – Harbinger of a greater winter (Hidden Stream)
  2. Nest – A Winternight Visage (Woodsmoke)
  3. Karnnos – Winter Serpent (A Burial In Flames)
  4. Kammarheit & Phelios – Cold Vidion (Of Dawn and of Ice)
  5. Lissom – Hollow of Winter (Air Texture, Vol. II)
  6. Witxes – Winter Light Burns (Sorcery/Geography)
  7. Taphephobia – Winter Malaise (Access To A World of Pain)
  8. Tor Lundvall – Winter Song (Ghost Years)
  9. Birds of Passage – Those Blackest Winter Nights (Without the World)
  10. Birds of Passage – Pray For A Sunny Day (Without the World)
  11. Birds of Passage – Alone And Raw (Without the World)
  12. Lux Interna – When winter comes (Absence and Plenum)
  13. Wovenhand – Winter Shaker (Mosaic)
  14. :Of The Wand And The Moon: – Winter Veil (Midnight Will)
  15. Darkwood – Winterrune (Notwendfeuer)
  16. Darkwood – Winter (Penumbra Over Beauty)
  17. Spiritual Front – The Longest Winter Of The Strongest Heart (Codreanu Fidelis Legio)
  18. Orplid – Winternachte (Nächtliche Jünger)
  19. Nature And Organisation with Current 93 and Rose McDowall – A Dozen Winters Of Loneliness (Snow Leopard Messiah)

Between Birds of Prey #216 – Signs of Winter.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #216 – Signs of Winter.cue

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