This episode of Between Birds of Prey in inspired by William Blake’s Poem “The Sick Rose”:

O Rose thou art sick.
The invisible worm,
That flies in the night
In the howling storm:


Has found out thy bed
Of crimson joy:
And his dark secret love
Does thy life destroy.

  1. Eldar – The Pain From the Ashes (Cautio Criminalis)
  2. The Joy of Nature and Discipline – VI (The Fog that Life is Haunted By)
  3. Word Clock – The Fever of our Waiting (Self Destruction Themes)
  4. Word Clock – Every Shade (Self Destruction Themes)
  5. Der Blutharsch – The Pleasure Received In Pain XIII (The Pleasure Received In Pain)
  6. Karjalan Sissit – Inner Pain (Miserere)
  7. Triarii – Mother Of Pain (Ars Militaria)
  8. The Protagonist – The Sick Rose (Flowers Made Of Snow)
  9. Sonne Hagal – The Sick Rose (Helfahrt)
  10. Chamber – L’Orchestre de Chambre Noir – Pleasure And Pain (Pleasure And Pain)
  11. In Ruin – Hope and Pain (A Ghost To Be Forgotten)
  12. Sleeping Pictures – Sickly Child (Nether Edge)
  13. Romowe Rikoito – One Pain (Narcissism)
  14. Tor Lundvall & Tony Wakeford – Sickness On The Wind (Autumn Calls)
  15. Peter Broderick – Sickness, Bury (Home)
  16. Dakota Suite & Emanuele Errante – No Greater Pain (The North Green Down)
  17. Jill Tracy – Just the Other Side of Pain (Diabolical Streak)
  18. Ozymandias – Depression (Layla)
  19. Chelsea Wolfe – Sick (Pain is Beauty)
  20. Word Clock – Here We’ll Be Gone (Self Destruction Themes)
  21. The Joy of Nature and Discipline – XIII (The Fog that Life is Haunted By)
  22. Evan Abeele – v. Evolution Sickness (Lineage E.P.)

Between Birds of Prey #215 – Sick.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #215 – Sick.cue

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