This episode of Between Birds of Prey is dedicated to the life of Giordano Bruno, whom was killed by the Inquisition on the 17th of February 1600.

If you want to read more about him, his work and why he was burned at the stake, this is a very interesting article:

  1. Beneath the Lake – fire & rain (Silent Uprising)
  2. Apocryphos, Kammarheit, Atrium Carceri – The Dead Fire (Echo)
  3. Bonnie “Prince” Billy – You Will Miss Me When I Burn (Greatest Palace Music)
  4. Paleowolf – Call of Fire (Genesis)
  5. The Joy Of Nature – Fire only rests when there’s nothing left to burn (agkaanta, asrti, parasamgate)
  6. shinning vril – the stark burns out (Looking For Europe)
  7. Igor Stravinsky – The Firebird. Symphony Suite (1919) (The Best Of Stravinsky)
  8. Danny Elfman – The Fire (Red Dragon)
  9. Tenhi – Hiensynty – Burning (Airut:Aamujen)
  10. Michael Andrews – Burn It To The Ground (Donnie Darko Score)
  11. Aythis – The Ground is burning (The Illusion and the Twin)
  12. Clem leek – The Burnt Home (Holly Lane)
  13. Strength Through Joy – A Grave For Burning Wings (The Force of Truth and Lies)
  14. Splinterskin – A Bed Of Burning Leaves (Oak Folk)
  15. Chamber – L’Orchestre de Chambre Noir – Ceremony After A Fire Raid (Pleasure And Pain)
  16. Triore – Fires Burn, Like Fires Do (Three Hours)
  17. Anoice – a burnt‐out nation (into the shadows)
  18. Chelsea Wolfe & King Dude – Bed On Fire (Sing More Songs Together)
  19. Jim Jarmush & Jozef van Wissem – The More She Burns the More Beautifully She Glows (feat. Tilda Swinton) (The Mystery of Heaven)

Between Birds of Prey #223 – Fire III (Giordano Bruno).mp3

Between Birds of Prey #223 – Fire III (Giordano Bruno).cue

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