This week, following 75 years after the suicide of the writer Stefan Zweig – – , we have an episode about suicide and, more generally, about death.

  1. Ugasanie – White Death (Border of Worlds)
  2. Ugasanie – The Island of Terrible Death (White Silence)
  3. Raison D’être – Death in the Body but made alive by the Spirit (The Stains of the Embodied Sacrifice)
  4. L’Orchestre Noir – The Lake Of Bodies – Aqua Morta (Cantos)
  5. Anna von Hausswolff – Deathbed (Ceremony)
  6. :Golgatha: – Death In Honour (The Horns Of Joy)
  7. Chelsea Wolfe – Iron Moon (Abyss)
  8. Chelsea Wolfe – Simple Death (Abyss)
  9. Kronos Quartet – Death Is The Road To Awe (The Fountain)
  10. David Lang – Death Speaks No.1 You Will Return (Death Speaks)
  11. Ozymandias – Longue marche vers la mort (Ahara)
  12. Ozymandias – La mort de P.B.S (Isolement)
  13. Spiritual Front – Choose Death (Black Hearts in Black Suits)
  14. Nature and Organisation – my black diary (Beauty reaps the blood of solitude)
  15. Nature and Organisation – bloodstreamruns (Beauty reaps the blood of solitude)
  16. Romowe Rikoito – Welcome My Death (Narcissism)
  17. Romowe Rikoito – Suicide Is Over (Narcissism)
  18. Brendan Perry – Death Will Be My Bride (Eye of the Hunter)
  19. The Angels Of Light – My Suicide (How I Loved You)
  20. Jozef van Wissem – Death of the Ego (When Shall This Bright Day Begin)
  21. Anna von Hausswolff – Goodbye (Ceremony)

Between Birds of Prey #222 – Death III (Stefan Zweig).mp3

Between Birds of Prey #222 – Death III (Stefan Zweig).cue

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