Monthly archives: June, 2015

Between Birds of Prey #170 – Sick Europe

This episode of Between Birds of Prey is inspired by the latest crisis in Europe concerning mainly, but not only, the Greek debt crisis. It will be an episode focused on the sickness of the continent, on the dissident currents that are rising all around Europe, among many other aspects, all told from a musical perspective….

Between Birds of Prey #169 – Tristan und Isolde (part II)

This week we have the second part of the celebration of Wagner’s ‘Tristan und Isolde’ 150 years. You can also listen to the first part of this celebration. Here is the audio and playlist: Richard Wagner – Tristan und Isolde – Act II – Scene 2 – 3. Lausch, Geliebter (Tristan und Isolde) Richard Wagner –…

Between Birds of Prey #168 – Tristan und Isolde

Ludwig Schnorr von Carolsfeld and his wife Malwina were Wagner's original Tristan and Isolde in 1865. Joseph Albert/Wikimedia Commons

This episode of Between Birds of Prey pays homage to Richard Wagner and his great breakthrough opera ‘Tristan und Isolde’, which was premiered 150 years ago today. ‘Tristan und Isolde’, a 4-hour meditation in love and death was a musical revolution that, with its famous Tristan Chord, paved way for the atonal music of the early 20th century….