The International Women’s Day was celebrated all over the world in the last Friday the 8th of March, so I decided to pay tribute to women figures in the pantheon of many of world’s religions. In this way, this week’s program took form and was named Female Deities.

In some cultures Goddesses are associated with Earth, motherhood, love, and the household, while in other cultures, Goddesses also rule over war, death, and destruction as well as healing.

Sometimes, the best way to learn about something is to listen to music about it, so here is this week’s playlist as well as the audio for you to listen and/or to download:

  1. Caithness – apostasie from mother’s hands (Apostasy and the sorrowful child)
  2. Golgatha And Dawn & Dusk Entwined – Fertily Rights (Sang Graal)
  3. Herbst 9 – nanab ishtar – exalted light of heaven (Buried under Time and Sand)
  4. Blood Axis & Les Joyaux de la Princesse – avec les fleurs, avec les femmes… (Absinthia Tätra)
  5. :Golgatha: – Fertility (The Horns Of Joy)
  6. :Golgatha: – Birth=Rite (Tales Of Transgression And Sacrifice)
  7. Synaulia – Isis (Music From Ancient Rome, Vol. 1: Wind Instruments)
  8. Synaulia – Diana (Music From Ancient Rome, Vol. 1: Wind Instruments)
  9. Musica Romana – Hymnus Dianae (Pugnate)
  10. Nox Arcana – Siren’s Call (Phantoms Of The High Seas)
  11. David Arkenstone – Temple of Isis (Myths and Legends)
  12. Daemonia Nymphe – summoning divine selene (Daemonia Nymphe)
  13. Daemonia Nymphe – Sirens Of Ulysses (Krataia Aesterope)
  14. Faun – Sirena (Renaissance)
  15. Hagalaz Runedance – Hel Goddess Of The Underworld (Frigga’s Web)
  16. Hagalaz Runedance – Frigga’s Web (Frigga’s Web)
  17. Trobar De Morte – The Fairies’ Wind (Legends Of Blood And Light)
  18. Trobar De Morte – La Princesa Dolca De Provença (Fairydust)
  19. Swans – Mona Lisa, Mother Earth (The Burning World)
  20. Faun – Isis (Licht)
  21. Romowe Rikoito – Artémis (Āustradēiwa)
  22. Theatre of Tragedy – siren (Aégis)
  23. Yann Tiersen – Mother’s Journey (Goodbye Lenin!)
  24. Goldmund – Just Before The Battle, Mother (All Will Prosper)
  25. L’Orage – A Mother’s Chant (Songs For Landeric mother side)
  26. Corde Oblique – Atheistic Woman (Volonta D’arte)
  27. Richard Wagner – Rheingold, Rheingold! (Das Rheingold)

Between Birds of Prey #67 – Female Deities.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #67 – Female Deities.cue

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