Today’s program is dedicated to the enigma of time. One of the greatest questions no one has ever known how to fully answer…

If you want to know the current state of the art in the scientific quest to understand time, here is an interview with one of the leading figures in this matter:

The playlist and the audio follow:

  1. Beyond Sensory Experience – Time traveler’s dilemma (Ratan)
  2. Desiderii Marginis – Secrets Of The Future Past (That Which Is Tragic And Timeless)
  3. Eldar – Zeitgeist (Sapere Aude)
  4. Life Toward Twilight – “Time”, she says. (We waited for a subtle dawn)
  5. Life Toward Twilight – “Time”, she points again. (We waited for a subtle dawn)
  6. Alio Die – The Circular Development Of Time (Il Tempo Magico Di Saturnia Pavonia)
  7. Max Richter – Timepiece (La Prima Linea)
  8. Max Richter – Time Passing (Songs From Before)
  9. Triore – The Last Three Hours (Three Hours)
  10. :Of The Wand And The Moon: – Time Time Time (Lucifer)
  11. While Angels Watch – Crossing the tide of time (Red Room)
  12. Arcana – Lost In Time (The Projekt 2008 Sampler)
  13. Dargaard – Thy Fleeing Time (Mystica Mysteria IV)
  14. Hexperos – Time Of Spirit (The Veil Of Queen Mab)
  15. Dwelling – O Cinzel do Tempo (Humana)
  16. Madredeus – Canção do Tempo (O Porto)
  17. Diamanda Galas – Interlude (Time) (Guilty Guilty Guilty)
  18. Medusa’s Spell – Six Hours To Execution (Last X Hours)
  19. Medusa’s Spell – Three Hours To Execution (Last X Hours)
  20. Sonne Hagal – Wolfszeit (Tempus Arborum)
  21. Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows – The Hourglass (Dead Lovers’ Sarabande (Face II))
  22. Nox Arcana – The Crimson Hourglass (Theater Of Illusion)
  23. Peter Broderick – Moment (Docile)
  24. Michael Andrews – Time Travel (Donnie Darko Score)
  25. Tenhi – Läheltä – A Brief Passing Moment (Airut:Aamujen)
  26. Rome – Herbstzeitlose (Berlin)
  27. Atrium Carceri – At the End of Time (Phrenitis)

Between Birds of Prey #65 – Time… What is Time?.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #65 – Time… What is Time?.cue

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