In today’s program we will focus on the grail quest mythology. We have two hours here concerning many elements related to this mythology: Templars, Cathars, Crusaders, etc.

A fine soundtrack to read a book about this subject, such as the The Grail Quest saga by Bernard Cornwell:

Note: The picture in the right is The Arming and Departure of the Knights. Number 2 of the Holy Grail tapestries woven by Morris & Co. 1891-94 for Stanmore Hall.

Here is the playlist and the audio for today’s program:

  1. James Horner – Veni Sancte Spiritus (The Name of the Rose)
  2. Raison D’Etre – The Invisible Gate of the Temple (The Luminous Experience)
  3. Arcana – Cathar (Le Serpent Rouge)
  4. Ordo Catharis Templi – Hoedh – Universum 23 (Evolution: Templum Comparatio II [Various Artists])
  5. Life Toward Twilight – In a chalice shape (We waited for a subtle dawn)
  6. Richard Wagner – Act I – Vorspiel (Prelude) (Parsifal)
  7. Hans Zimmer – rose of arimathea (The Da Vinci Code-(OST))
  8. Enaid – Guinevere’s Tears (Avalon: A Celtic Legend)
  9. QNTAL – Entre moi et mon amin (QNTAL III: Tristan und Isolde)
  10. Qntal – El Sendero Hacia Monserrat (Illuminatti)
  11. Ataraxia – Li Frere Li Mestre du Temple (Historiae)
  12. Ataraxia – Charola (Os Cavaleiros Do Templo)
  13. Gor – Mais No Seria (The Medieval Project: Croisades)
  14. The Soil Bleeds Black – Solus Maestitia Desparatio (Mirror of the Middle Ages)
  15. Estampie – Palästinalied (Crusaders – In Nomine Domini)
  16. Trobar De Morte – Cuncti Simus Concanentes (Fairydust)
  17. Golgatha And Dawn & Dusk Entwined – The Messiah (Sang Graal)
  18. Golgatha And Dawn & Dusk Entwined – A Seeker Divine (Sang Graal)
  19. Golgatha And Dawn & Dusk Entwined – The Caves Of Montsegur (Sang Graal)
  20. Estampie – Crux fidelis (choral) (Crusaders – In Nomine Domini)

Between Birds of Prey #49 – The Grail Quest.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #49 – The Grail Quest.cue

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