Episode 52 of Between Birds of Prey is dedicated to the forests… An unmovable constant in human history.

Since the beginning of times, the forests have had a great influence in the minds of humans. Forests traditionally have had a strong association with the unconsciousness and serve as places for many fairy tale stories such as those about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table or even Snow White. Forests are also the home for some mythological creatures, such as the elves, the werewolf or the unicorn

Lets make a journey Deep Within the Forest…

  1. Barbarossa Umtrunk – Les Exiles d’Agarttha (Agharti)
  2. Luasa Raelon – The Wald (Vampyr: Light Of The Beast)
  3. Andrey Kiritchenko – Your Thoughts In Scary Forest (Misterrious)
  4. Rudi Arapahoe – Forest Of Arches (Echoes From One To Another)
  5. Hauschka – Nadelwald (Ferndorf)
  6. Relmic Statute – Template For Sand And Forest (Morning Tapes)
  7. Richard Wagner – Siegfried, opera, WWV 86c: Forest Murmurs (Wagner: The Complete Overtures & Orchestral Music from the Operas)
  8. Danny Elfman – In the Forest (Corpse Bride)
  9. James Horner – To The Forest… (Apocalypto OST)
  10. Dead Can Dance – Yulunga [Spirit Dance] (Toward the Within)
  11. Hexperos – A Forest (The Veil Of Queen Mab)
  12. Carved In Stone – The Lady of the Wood (Hear the Voice)
  13. :Of The Wand And The Moon: – O deep woods (Solanaceae)
  14. Tenhi – Tenhi (Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006)
  15. Message To Bears – Running Through Woodland (Departures)
  16. Darkwood – Im Heimatwald (Weltenwende)
  17. Darkwood – Tochter Des Waldes (Weltenwende)
  18. Empyrium – Waldpoesie (Weiland)
  19. Falkenstein – Der Waldmeister (Die Grobe Gottin)
  20. Neun Welten – Walden (Vergessene Pfade)
  21. Neun Welten – Nahend Zauberwald (Vergessene Pfade)
  22. Trobar De Morte – Beyond The Woods (Beyond The Woods)

Between Birds of Prey#52 – Deep Within the Forest.mp3

Between Birds of Prey#52 – Deep Within the Forest.cue

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