Episode 24 of Between Birds of Prey is dedicated to all those days of rain when one just wants to sit home relaxing and listening to the sound of the rain on the window and on the street.

Here is the playlist and the audio:

  1. Beneath the Lake – fire & rain (Silent Uprising)
  2. Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek – Rain (Blank Grey Canvas Sky)
  3. Subaudition – Raindrops (The Scope Digipak)
  4. Tor Lundvall – Tears and Rain (Ghost Years)
  5. De La Mancha – And Rainy Days (Atlas)
  6. Adam Hurst – Face in the Rain (Ruin)
  7. Max Richter – Europe, After the Rain (Memoryhouse)
  8. Trobar De Morte – Calling The Rain (Reverie)
  9. The Moors – Guth Na Torainn (The Voice of Thunder) (Miroque Vol. 4)
  10. Dark Sanctuary – Night rain (Royaume Mèlancolique)
  11. The Joy Of Nature – Uma noite de chuva no jardim da Ilha Encantada (agkaanta, asrti, parasamgate)
  12. Current 93 – When The May Rain Comes (Thunder Perfect Mind)
  13. Dies Natalis – Rain (Vom Gedanken und der Erinnerung)
  14. Dwelling – Rain (Instrumental) (Moments)
  15. Nebelung – Regen In Der Dämmerung (Mistelteinn)
  16. Sol Invictus – An English Garden (In the Rain)
  17. Sol Invictus – In The Rain (In the Rain)
  18. :Of The Wand And The Moon: – Silver Rain (Emptiness:Emptiness:Emptiness)
  19. Tenhi – Vastakaiun (Väre)
  20. Vergissmeinnicht – Depression (Abyssic Hate cover) (Whispering Solitude)
  21. Federico Durand – El Pequeno Huesped Sigue Dormido (El Extasis De Las Flores Pequenas)
  22. Dark Sanctuary – Les Mémoires Blessées (Les Mémoires Blessées)

Between Birds of Prey #24 – In the Rain.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #24 – In the Rain.cue

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