This episode of Between Birds of Prey will be a tribute to all those who are or have ever been in exile.

“Saludos desde el exilio a una generación de destructores, seguiremos siendo invisibles por que viajamos con poco equipaje, bailando con nuestros ojos cerrados cuando eso sea posible a lo largo de la frontera, a lo largo del camino…”
F.G. Lorca

Here is the audio and playlist for tonight:

  1. Rome – To A Generation Of Destroyers (Flowers From Exile)
  2. Alio Die – So Far Away (Sol Niger)
  3. vidaObmana – Terrace of Memories (Terrace of Memories)
  4. Beyond Sensory Experience – The Testimony Of Memory (Modern Day Diabolist)
  5. Max Richter – Maria, the Poet (1913) (Memoryhouse)
  6. Max Richter – Sarajevo (Memoryhouse)
  7. Adam Hurst – Longing (Ritual)
  8. Deaf Center – Divided (Owl Splinters)
  9. Dustin O’Halloran – A Great Divide (Lumiere)
  10. Fu-ton Wong – South of the Yangtse River (Homeland Dreams)
  11. Richard Blackford – Part I, Memories of Home – Tibet (Voices of Exile)
  12. Richard Blackford – Part II, Journeys – Tibet (Voices of Exile)
  13. Richard Blackford – Part V, Freedom – Kurdistan (Voices of Exile)
  14. Richard Blackford – Part V, Freedom – Epilogue (Voices of Exile)
  15. Arcana – In Remembrance (Raspail)
  16. Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy – Immortal Memory (Immortal Memory)
  17. Lisa Gerrard – in exile (The Silver Tree)
  18. Leah – We Will Go Home (Song of Exille) (King Arthur)
  19. Carved In Stone – Longing for Home (The Forgotten Belief)
  20. Bob Dylan – Blowin’ in the Wind (The Best of Bob Dylan)
  21. David Haslam – The Tyne Exile’s Lament (Songs of Northumbria #2)
  22. Leonard Cohen – The Partisan (The Essential Leonard Cohen [Disc 1])
  23. Lux Interna – Europe’s Green Remnants (Ignis Mutat Res)
  24. Rome – The Death of Longing (Die Æsthetik der Herrschaftsfreiheit – Band 1: Aufbruch or A Cross of Wheat)
  25. Rome – Odessa (Flowers From Exile)
  26. Rome – Flowers From Exile (Flowers From Exile)
  27. Rome – Flight In Formation (Flowers From Exile)

Between Birds of Prey #151 – Voices From Exile.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #151 – Voices From Exile.cue

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