This week we will make a tribute to Johann Wolfgang Goethe, who died in the 28th August 1749, with an episode dedicated to his most important work: Faust.

The audio and playlist for this episode are as following:

  1. Lustmord – Beckoning (Paradise Disowned)
  2. Lustmord – Uterance (Paradise Disowned)
  3. Desiderii Marginis – The Core of Hell II (Songs Over Ruins)
  4. Desiderii Marginis – А Pace Away : The Core of Hell (Years Lend a Golden Charm)
  5. Desiderii Marginis – The Love You Find In Hell (That Which Is Tragic And Timeless)
  6. Horologium – XX century alchemy (A handful of dust and ashes)
  7. Horologium – Faustus (Paradise Inverted)
  8. Blut Aus Nord – Devilish Essence (The Work Which Transforms God)
  9. Franz Liszt – Mephisto Waltz No.1 (Mephisto Waltzes)
  10. Franz Liszt – Mephisto Waltz No. 2 (Liszt Waltzes – Leslie Howard)
  11. Franz Liszt – A Faust Symphony – 1. Faust (A Faust Symphony)
  12. Havergal Brian – Symphony no. 1 in D minor “The Gothic” – Part 1 (Symphony no.1 in D minor “The Gothic”)
  13. Henri Rabaud – Procession nocturne, op. 6 (symphonic poem after lenau’s faust) (pays de loire po (pierre dervaux))
  14. Samuel West – Faust’s Alchemical Journey (Goethe)
  15. Arrigo Boito – Epilogue – Ave Signor, Signor Degli Angeli (Mefistofele)

Between Birds of Prey #137 – Faust.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #137 – Faust.cue

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