This episode of Between Birds of Prey is dedicated to the life of Giordano Bruno, whom was killed by the inquisition 414 years ago.

Giordano Bruno was a very important philosopher, poet and mathematician of the Renaissance. He was a man ahead of his time, for instance, he defended that the sun was a star just like the others that we can see in the sky and that, maybe, those stars held planets and life of their own.

Because of his views he was persecuted and condemned to be burned at the stake by the Inquisition.

“Maiori forsan cum timore sententiam in me fertis quam ego accipiam (Perhaps you pronounce this sentence against me with greater fear than I receive it).”
Giordano Bruno

The playlist and audio are as follows:

  1. Lustmord – Heresy Part III (Heresy)
  2. Lustmord – Fallen ([ The Dark Places of the Earth ])
  3. Benn Jordan – Peace With Darkness (Pale Blue Dot – A Tribute To Carl Sagan)
  4. Benn Jordan – Infinity Alone (Pale Blue Dot – A Tribute To Carl Sagan)
  5. Fjernlys – Star’s Orbit (Beyond The Undulant Quiescence)
  6. Sophie Hutchings – Shadowed (Night Sky)
  7. Sophie Hutchings – By Night (Night Sky)
  8. Popol Vuh – Mantra I (Nosferatu)
  9. Jeffrey Fayman & Yoav Goren – Trial of the Archangel (Trailerhead)
  10. Ennio Morricone – Giordano Bruno (The Ennio Morricone Chronicles Vol. 08)
  11. Golgatha And Dawn & Dusk Entwined – Heretic Prayer (Sang Graal)
  12. Diamanda Galas – How Shall Our Judgement Be Carried Out Upon the Wicked? (with excerpts from Revelations 19:11-14 and Revelations 6:12-16) (Plague Mass)
  13. Medusa’s Spell – Seven Hours To Execution (Last X Hours)
  14. Medusa’s Spell – Six Hours To Execution (Last X Hours)
  15. Medusa’s Spell – Five Hours To Execution (Last X Hours)
  16. Medusa’s Spell – Four Hours To Execution (Last X Hours)
  17. Medusa’s Spell – Three Hours To Execution (Last X Hours)
  18. Medusa’s Spell – Grazia Plena (Last X Hours)
  19. Medusa’s Spell – Execution (Last X Hours)
  20. Raison D’être – Purified with Fire (The Stains of the Embodied Sacrifice)
  21. John Williams – Immolation (With Our Lives, We Give Life) (Schindler’s list)
  22. Alastair Hussain, Stephen Cleobury, Choir of King’s College, Cambridge – Miserere Mei, Deus (Essential Baroque (Disc 2))

 Between Birds of Prey #111 – In Memory of Giordano Bruno (The Heretic).mp3

 Between Birds of Prey #111 – In Memory of Giordano Bruno (The Heretic).cue

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