Tonight, the new episode of Between Birds of Prey is a musical journey through a watery world…

This musical journey consists of two hours of music, that start with a bit of dark ambient, representing the deep water sub-world and proceed through more calmly waters, filled with mythological figures, and ending in perfect symbiosis with the water.

  1. Exit In Grey – Neptune (Twilight Waters)
  2. Tor Lundvall – Grey Water (Empty City)
  3. Halgrath – Deep Underwater Darkest Tale (Heathen Harvest Samhain Sampler 2011)
  4. Atrium Carceri – Dark Water (Seishinbyouin)
  5. Nest – By The Healing Waters (Woodsmoke)
  6. Whitetree – Slow Ocean (Cloudland)
  7. Empyrium – Wasserfall (Weiland)
  8. Le Lendemain – Att Andas (Fires)
  9. Max Richter – Dinner And The Ship Of Dreams (Henry May Long)
  10. Max Richter – Ocean House Mirror (Henry May Long)
  11. Max Richter – The Haunted Ocean 3 (Valse Avec Bachir)
  12. Claude Debussy – Nocturnes-Sirenes (Debussy: La Mer, Trois Esquisses Symphoniques – Nocturnes Prelude A L’Apres – Midi D’un Faune)
  13. Daemonia Nymphe & Louisa John Krol – A Candle In The Sea (Ghost Fish)
  14. Daemonia Nymphe, louisa John Krol & Nikodernos Triaridis – Oceano (Love Sessions)
  15. Daemonia Nymphe – Sirens Of Ulysses (Krataia Asterope)
  16. Faun – Sirena (Renaissance Digipak)
  17. Narsilion – O SoƱar Das Augas (Namerie)
  18. All My Faith Lost … – The Waves (The Hours)
  19. All My Faith Lost … – Ocean Sea (The Hours)
  20. B’Eirth – Watch The Water Spill (Forseti Lebt)
  21. Karnnos – Dark Waters Of The Shide (Undercurrents And Lost Horizons)
  22. Consono – Beyond The Ocean (CMI-And Even The Wolves Hid Their Teeth)
  23. Field Rotation – The Repetition of History (Fatalist: The Repetition of History)

Between Birds of Prey #101 – Watery Worlds.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #101 – Watery Worlds.cue

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