On this episode of Between Birds of Prey we will focus on the duality of life and death.

  1. Richard Strauss – Death And Transfiguration, Op.24 (Volume IV_The Romantic Orchestra – Disc 2_Great Symphonies Of The Late Romanticists)
  2. Toshio Hosokawa – II. Death and Resurrection (Voiceless Voice In Hiroshima)
  3. Vladimír Hirsch – Paligenesis (Exorcisms)
  4. Vladimír Hirsch – Genetic Doctrine (Epidemic Mind (Vladimír Hirsch vs. Kenji Siratori))
  5. Triarii – Birth Of A Sun (Muse In Arms)
  6. Arditi – Palingenesis (Spirit Of Sacrifice)
  7. Phragments & Korinth – The Rebirth of Symbols Long Forgotten (Mysteries of the Greyland)
  8. Wolfskin – A Nascente De Pureza (Campos De Matança)
  9. :Golgatha: – Birth=Rite (Tales Of Transgression And Sacrifice)
  10. Die Wächter – The Birth (Mia Runa (Disc I))
  11. Deaf Center – New Beginning (Tidal Darkness) (Owl Splinters)
  12. Der Blaue Reiter – Death And Decadence (Silencis)
  13. Vindensång – The Origin: The Point Of No Return (Terminus: Rebirth In Eight Parts…)

Between Birds of Prey #209 – Rebirth.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #209 – Rebirth.cue

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