This episode of Between Birds of Prey is a collection of thoughts on the contradictions of the Human Condition.

With no further ado, here is the audio and playlist.

  1. Erik Truffaz and Murcof – Origin of the World (Being Human Being)
  2. World Clock – Here We’ll be Gone (Self Destruction Themes)
  3. Jarboe & Cedric Victor – Thunder Perfect Mind (The End)
  4. Krent – Depresion (The Summoning)
  5. Atrium Carceri – Humanity’s Cradle (Void)
  6. Horologium & K. Meizter – Horologium / Human Endeavours (Eight Studies In Transition)
  7. Northumbria – Because I am Flawed I forgive you (Helluland)
  8. Ulver – Solitude (Shadows of the Sun)
  9. Ulver – For the Love of God (The Norwegian National Opera)
  10. Borknagar – Human Nature (Origin)
  11. Changes – Icarus (Orphan in the Storm)
  12. Subaudition – Human Abstract (Light On The Path)
  13. Michael Price – Entanglement (Entanglement)
  14. Michael Price – The Uncertainty Principle (Entanglement)
  15. Julia Kent – Invitation to the Voyage (Asperities)
  16. Julia Kent – Heavy Eyes (Asperities)
  17. Anoice – What is Left? (Into the Shadows)
  18. God Body Disconnect – Rise of the Dormant Host (Dredge Portals)
  19. Kreng – Acceptance (The Summoning)

Between Birds of Prey #195 – The Human Condition.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #195 – The Human Condition.cue

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