This week we have an episode entitled “Where the Earth Meets the Sky” and which is a musical longing for the far horizon.

  1. Biosphere – as the sun kissed the horizon (Substrata)
  2. Tom Heasley – Where the Earth Meets the Sky (Where the Earth Meets the Sky)
  3. Tom Heasley – Western Sky (Where the Earth Meets the Sky)
  4. Karnnos – Undercurrents And Lost Horizons (Undercurrents And Lost Horizons)
  5. Hecq – Night Falls (Night Falls)
  6. Northaunt – With the Stars as My Witness (Horizons)
  7. Northaunt – Until Dawn Do Us Part (Horizons)
  8. Moon Far Away – Na Zore (At Dawn) (Belovodie (Whitewaterland))
  9. In Gowan Ring – Aurora (Flower Moon)
  10. Lux Interna – Horizon ([A Lattern Carried In Blood And Skin])
  11. Darkwood – Break of Dawn (Ins Dunkle Land)
  12. Rome – Dawn and the Darkest Hour (Die Æsthetik der Herrschaftsfreiheit – Band 3: Aufgabe or A Cross of Flowers)
  13. :Golgatha: – Lost Horizon (Tales Of Transgression And Sacrifice)
  14. Arcana – The Ascending Of A New Dawn (… The Last Embrace)
  15. Arcana – Through The Grey Horizon (The New Light)
  16. Love Is Colder Than Death – Wings Of The Dawn (Atopos)
  17. Amber Asylum – Aurora (Frozen in Amber)
  18. Lisa Gerrard; Jeff Rona – Dawn Across the Snow (A Thousand Roads [Original Score])
  19. World Clock – And Then the Dawn (Endless)
  20. Deaf Center – Fiction Dawn (Owl Splinters)
  21. Max Richter – Horizon Variations (The Blue Notebooks)
  22. July Skies – They Played In The Harvest Fields At Dusk (The English Cold)

Between Birds of Prey #175 – Where the Earth Meets the Sky.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #175 – Where the Earth Meets the Sky.cue

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