This week we celebrate the life and achievements of one of the greatest figures in the history of mankind: Alexander the Great, who was born in the 20th or the 21st of July 356BC.

“Know ye not that the end and object of conquest is to avoid doing the same thing as the conquered?”
As quoted in Lives by Plutarch, VII, “Demosthenes and Cicero. Alexander and Caesar” (40.2), as translated by Bernadotte Perrin.

  1. Iron Mask – Alexander The Great (Hordes of the Brave)
  2. Kamelot – Alexandria (The Fourth Legacy)
  3. Iron Maiden – Alexander The Great (Somewhere in Time)
  4. Dies Natalis – angels of babylon (Looking For Europe)
  5. Brendan Perry – Babylon (Ark)
  6. Oliver Shanti & Friends – Alexander’s Journey To The East (Vida Para Vida)
  7. Ordo Equitum Solis – The Road to Babylon (Paraskenia)
  8. Carlo Domeniconi – 3rd Cycle — Journey To India (Sindbad: Ein Märchen für Gitarre)
  9. Handel – Concerto grosso in C Major, HWV 318 (Alexander’s Feast)
  10. Handel – Chorus  (Alexander’s Feast)
  11. Vangelis – Introduction (Alexander OST)
  12. Vangelis – Young Alexander (Alexander OST)
  13. Vangelis – Titans (Alexander OST)
  14. Vangelis – The Drums Of Gaugamela (Alexander OST)
  15. Vangelis – One Morning At Pella (Alexander OST)
  16. Vangelis – Roxane’s Dance (Alexander OST)
  17. Vangelis – Eastern Path (Alexander OST)
  18. Vangelis – Gardens Of Delight (Alexander OST)
  19. Vangelis – Roxane’s Veil (Alexander OST)
  20. Vangelis – Bagoas’ Dance (Alexander OST)
  21. Vangelis – The Charge (Alexander OST)
  22. Vangelis – Preparation (Alexander OST)
  23. Vangelis – Across the Mountains (Alexander OST)
  24. Vangelis – Chant (Alexander OST)
  25. Vangelis – Immortality (Alexander OST)
  26. Vangelis – Dream Of Babylon (Alexander OST)
  27. Vangelis – Eternal Alexander (Alexander OST)
  28. Vangelis – Tender Memories (Alexander OST)

Between Birds of Prey #174 – Alexander the Great.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #174 – Alexander the Great.cue

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