This episode of Between Birds of Prey, named The Seer, takes inspiration from prophets and visionaries.

  1. Barbarossa Umtrunk – La Prophetie (Scontrum Act V)
  2. Arcana – in search of the divine (Le Serpent Rouge)
  3. Adam Hurst – Vision Obscured (From Silence)
  4. Myrmyr – First Seed (The Amber Sea)
  5. Amber Asylum – Looking Glass (The Natural Philosophy of Love)
  6. Ataraxia – Prophetia (A Calliope … Collection)
  7. Black Tape For A Blue Girl – our future imagined (this lush garden within)
  8. Vangelis – Tales Of The Future (Blade Runner)
  9. Nox Arcana – Alhazred’s Vision (Necronomicon)
  10. Hagalaz Runedance – Seeker Divine (Volven)
  11. Ordo Funebris – Divine Tragedy (Cantar a la Morte: Fabula Tris)
  12. Daemonia Nymphe – summoning divine selene (Daemonia Nymphe)
  13. Golgatha And Dawn & Dusk Entwined – A Seeker Divine (Sang Graal)
  14. Dead Can Dance – I Can See Now (Box Set CD 3)
  15. Brendan Perry – I Must Have Been Blind (Eye of the Hunter)
  16. In Gowan Ring – The Seer and the Seen (Hazel Steps Through a Weathered Home)
  17. Fire + Ice – Seeker’s Prayer (Seasons of Ice)
  18. Tenhi – Sees (Saivo)
  19. Andrey Kiritchenko – Persistent Visions (Misterrious)
  20. Fabrizio Paterlini – Not from the past, not for the future (Now)
  21. Fabrizio Paterlini – Silent eyes (Now)
  22. Luigi Rubino – Voice In The Eyes (A Theme For The Moon)
  23. Rudi Arapahoe – I Close My Eyes And Float To The Ceiling (Echoes From One To Another)
  24. Brian McBride – I Know That You Don’t Like The Future Like I Do (The Effective Disconnect)
  25. Le Lendemain – Even with Eyes Closed (Fires)
  26. Relmic Statute – Looking For The Right Spot (Morning Tapes)
  27. Tolkien Ensemble & Christopher Lee – Malbeth The Seer’s Words (At Dawn In Rivendell)

Between Birds of Prey #158 – The Seer.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #158 – The Seer.cue

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