In this episode we will tread the fine line between sanity and insanity musically following the life of a man closed in a cell.

The audio and playlist are as following:

  1. Coph Nia ; Mindspawn – Night In The Key Of Madness (Erotomechaniks)
  2. Henrik ‘Nordvargr’ Björkk – Henrik Nordvargr Björkk Vs. Kenji Siratori – Corpse City (Hypergenome666 -CD1)
  3. Henrik ‘Nordvargr’ Björkk – BSE Vs. Nordvargr And Kenji Siratori – Tragedy Cell (Hypergenome666 -CD3)
  4. Beyond Sensory Experience – Locating Imaginary Events In Real Places (Modern Day Diabolist)
  5. Atrium Carceri – Behind the Curtain of Life (Kapnobatai)
  6. Atrium Carceri – Inner Carceri (Cellblock)
  7. Desiderii Marginis – Souls Lost (Deadbeat)
  8. Desiderii Marginis – In A Nameless Place (Strife)
  9. Robert Rich & Brian Lustmord – A Point Of No Return (Stalker)
  10. Martin Stig Andersen – My Mind Is Not My Own (Limbo)
  11. Moan – Fantasmagorie (Lost Signals From Unknown Horizons)
  12. Lithium – Monstrum (Threshold to Disharmony)
  13. Vladimír Hirsch – La Derniere Defense (Les Scenes Ardentes)
  14. Vladimír Hirsch – Transfiguration (Epidemic Mind (Vladimír Hirsch vs. Kenji Siratori))
  15. Musica Cthulhiana – By a Mad Mind (The Fourth)
  16. Musica Cthulhiana – Eylan Suicide (The Fourth)

Between Birds of Prey #134 – The Cell.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #134 – The Cell.cue

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