For this week, we have an episode dedicated to the powerful world of numbers.

The playlist and audio are as follows:

  1. Benn Jordan – Infinity Alone (Pale Blue Dot – A Tribute To Carl Sagan)
  2. Lustmord – Main Title: Infinite Space (Zoetrope)
  3. Beyond Sensory Experience – Number Theory (Tortuna)
  4. Beyond Sensory Experience – Numbers rule the universe (Ratan)
  5. Vindensång – Prologue: The Advent Of Autumn / From Infinity (Terminus: Rebirth In Eight Parts…)
  6. Old Village – Da Ancestralidade ao Infinito (Infinito)
  7. Andrew King – The Three Ravens (Deus Ignotus)
  8. Philip Glass – Primacy of Number (Naqoyqatsi)
  9. Adam Hurst – Two Figures (The Secret)
  10. Ludovico Einaudi – Two Sunsets (Due Tramonti) (Echoes – The Einaudi Collection)
  11. Anne Dudley – Two brothers (American History X – Soundtrack)
  12. Hans Zimmer – Zero (The Holiday)
  13. Apatheia – One Two Three (Lifethesis)
  14. Autunna Et Sa Rose – La Pioggia Infinita (Nél’ Etre… Éternel)
  15. Atomine Elektrine – Voices Of Trinity (CMI-And Even The Wolves Hid Their Teeth)
  16. Argine – Urla (Frammenti d’Infinito) (Luctamina In Rebus)
  17. Medusa’s Spell – Three Hours To Execution (Last X Hours)
  18. Triore – The First Three Hours (Three Hours)
  19. Triore – The Last Three Hours (Three Hours)
  20. Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Three Is an Orgy, Four Is Forever (Satyriasis, Somewhere Between Equilibrium & Nihilism)
  21. Philip Glass – Metamorphosis Three (Solo Piano)
  22. Deleyaman – Three Islands (Fourth, Part Two)
  23. In Gowan Ring – Two Towers (Hazel Steps Through a Weathered Home)
  24. Vindensång – Epilogue: At Winter’s End / To Infinity (Terminus: Rebirth In Eight Parts…)

Between Birds of Prey #129 – Number Theory.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #129 – Number Theory.cue

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