In the past 28th of June was exactly 100 years after the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, the event which gave rise to the First World War. With this in mind, this week’s episode of Between Birds of Prey is a musical meditation on the causes and consequences of the First World War, also called The War to End All Wars.

Here is the audio and playlist for this week:

  1. Foresta Di Ferro – Europe Greets the Storm (OEC 100 – The Old Europa Cafe)
  2. Sophia – Sigillum Militum I (Sigillum Militium)
  3. Toroidh – Europe Is Dead V (Europe Is Dead)
  4. Atrium Carceri – Faces of War (Phrenitis)
  5. BloodSoil – Fall Of Europe (Svvm Cviqve)
  6. Sophia – Sigillum Militum VII (Sigillum Militium)
  7. Karjalan Sissit – Eternal War (Karjalan Sissit)
  8. Arditi – Decisive War (Omne Ensis Impera)
  9. Arditi – Perserverance Is All (Omne Ensis Impera)
  10. Arditi – Blood, all Blood (Standards of Triumph)
  11. Triarii – Europe In Flames (Ars Militaria)
  12. Days Of The Trumpet Call – Die Front (A Prussian Revolutionary)
  13. Days Of The Trumpet Call – Die Patrioten (A Prussian Revolutionary)
  14. Von Thronstahl – Self Defense or Slavery (Germanium Metalilicum)
  15. Rome – Beasts Of Prey (Nera)
  16. :Golgatha: – The Dogs Of War (The Horns Of Joy)
  17. :Golgatha: – The Sound Of War (The Horns Of Joy)
  18. Test Dept. – Sarff (Entry of the Warriors) (Gododdin [with Brith Gof])
  19. John Williams – Hymn to the Fallen from Saving Private Ryan OST (The very best of Classical Chillout Gold)
  20. Toroidh – Hail Wermland (For The Fallen Ones)
  21. Triarii – Neuropa (Ars Militaria)
  22. Rome – Flight In Formation (Flowers From Exile)

Between Birds of Prey #127 – The War to End All Wars.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #127 – The War to End All Wars.cue

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