Following last week’s full moon, this episode of Between Birds of Prey is dedicated to the Moon, the natural satellite of our planet, and humanity’s source of inspiration and wonder for countless centuries.

Here is the audio and playlist:

  1. Life Toward Twilight – “…nightmares away from the moon” (We waited for a subtle dawn)
  2. Sephiroth – The Moongate (Cathedron)
  3. Atrium Carceri – Blue Moon (Cellblock)
  4. Tor Lundvall – Orange Moon (Under The Shadow Of Trees)
  5. alio die–in gowan ring–jack – boat of the moon (noctural sessions)
  6. alio die–in gowan ring–jack – moon lullaby (noctural sessions)
  7. alio die–in gowan ring–jack – moon remains (noctural sessions)
  8. In Gowan Ring – Moon over Ocean (Flower Moon)
  9. Stone Breath – Leaves About Our Feet We Reached For The Moon (A Silver Thread To Weave The Seasons)
  10. Current 93 – Black sun bloody moon (Swastikas for noddy)
  11. Fire + Ice – Rising Of The Moon (Hollow Ways)
  12. Ulver – Østenfor Sol Og Vestenfor Maane( East of the Sunne and West of the Moone) (Kveldssanger)
  13. Empyrium – Many Moons Ago… (Where At Night The Wood Grouse Plays)
  14. Vergissmeinnicht – Evening Moon (His Own Strange Songs)
  15. Ataraxia – Seas Of The Moon (Strange Lights)
  16. Aythis – Moonlit Path (Glacia)
  17. Die Verbannten Kinder Eva’s – Moon Muse (Dusk and Void became alive)
  18. Hexperos – Moon Spell (The Veil Of Queen Mab)
  19. Dunkelsch̦n РDer Mond (Irfind)
  20. Dargaard – Temple of the Moon
  21. :Golgatha: – March 1917: Under The Desert Moon (Seven Pillars)
  22. Barbarossa Umtrunk – Fallen Moons (Wehrwolf Dharma)
  23. Kauan – Kauniin Kuun Savelen (Kuu..)
  24. Sagittarius – Harvest Moon Rises (The Kingdom Come)
  25. Sagittarius – Moonlight Sonata, First Movement (Fragmente II)
  26. Stoa – I Held The Moon (Zal)
  27. Nils Petter Molvaer – Soft Moon Shine (Hamada)

Between Birds of Prey #125 – The Moon II.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #125 – The Moon II.cue

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