This week’s episode is the soundtrack for a journey through the Land of Shadows.

  1. Tehom – The Shadow Integration (Theriomorphic Spirits)
  2. :Golgatha: – Shadowland (The Waste Land)
  3. Profane Grace – Shadowlight II (Cast In The Mold Of The Ancients)
  4. Wolfskin – O Ajuntar Das Sombras (O Ajuntar Das Sombras)
  5. Karnnos – overture to the shadows (Dun scaith)
  6. Desiderii Marginis – God’s Shadow On Earth (Deadbeat)
  7. Equimanthorn – To Enter the Tower of Shadows (Second Sephira Cella)
  8. Across The Rubicon – Shadows And Dust (Elegy)
  9. Coph Nia – To Fix The Shadow (Shape Shifter)
  10. Ulver – Shadows of the Sun (Shadows of the Sun)
  11. Tor Lundvall – Under The Shadows Of Trees (Under The Shadow Of Trees)
  12. My Dying Bride – The Distance, Busy With Shadows (Evinta)
  13. Dawn & Dusk Entwined – Shades And Shadows (Forever War)
  14. Nox Arcana – Shadow Play (Theater Of Illusion)
  15. Nox Arcana – Sanctuary Of Shadows (Darklore Manor)
  16. Nest – The Silvershade Lynx (Woodsmoke)
  17. Howard Shore – The Shadow Of The Past (The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring)
  18. The Elbereth Orchestra – In the Land of Shadow (Music Inspired by Middle Earth)
  19. Max Richter – Shadow Journal (Valse Avec Bachir)
  20. Valentin Silvestrov – The Blue-Grey Shadows Have Moved (Stufen)
  21. Lisa Gerrard – shadow hunter (The Silver Tree)
  22. Lisa Gerrard – The Circulation Of Shadows (Duality)
  23. Lisa Gerrard – Sanvean: I Am Your Shadow (The Mirror Pool)

Between Birds of Prey #124 – The Land of Shadows.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #124 – The Land of Shadows.cue

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