In this week we have an episode dedicated to the lost art of Phantasmagoria.

Here is the audio and playlist:

  1. Nox Arcana – Something Wicked (The Dark Tower)
  2. Worrytrain – Gabriele’s Ghost (Sleeping Through The Endtimes)
  3. Kronos Quartet – Summer: Ghosts (OST – Requiem For A Dream)
  4. Kronos Quartet – Fall: Ghosts-Falling (OST – Requiem For A Dream)
  5. Nox Arcana – No Rest For The Wicked (Darklore Manor)
  6. Moan – Fantasmagorie (Lost Signals From Unknown Horizons)
  7. Nordvargr – Facing the Ghost of the Past (OEC 100 – The Old Europa Cafe)
  8. Inade – ‘Ghost Sector’ Live at the Black Box 13.05.2006 (Audio Mythology Live)
  9. Barbarossa Umtrunk – Iron Ghost (Regnum Sanctum)
  10. Coph Nia – Doppelganger (Qliphothic Phantasmagoria) (That Which Remains)
  11. The Joy of Nature vs aquarelle – Fantasmas e duendes costumavam dormir no meu sofá, a altas horas da noite (agkaanta, asrti, parasamgate)
  12. Ah Cama-Sotz – Deceitful Ghosts (Dead Cities)
  13. Nox Arcana – Ghost at the Gate (The Dark Tower)
  14. The Fleeting Nature of Beauty – Ghost Dreams (The Fleeting Nature of Beauty)
  15. Michael Wandmacher – Seeing A Ghost (The Last Exorcism, Part II)
  16. Angelo Badalamenti – A Ghost In The Machine (Dark Water (Score))
  17. Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows – Something Wicked This Way Come (Songs From The Inverted Womb)
  18. Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows – I Don’t Believe In Ghosts (Have You Seen This Ghost?)
  19. Seelenlicht – The Ghosts Of Flanders (Love And Murder)
  20. Dargaard – My Phantasm Supreme (Cantara – Neo Classic & Beautiful Voices Vol.4)
  21. Engelsstaub – Phantasmagoria (Ignis Fatuus- Irrlichter)
  22. Tor Lundvall – Ghost Years (Passing Through Alone)
  23. In Ruin – A Ghost to Be Forgotten (A Ghost To Be Forgotten)
  24. David Lynch – Ghost of Love (David Lynch’s Inland Empire)
  25. Joel Fausto & Illusion Orchestra – Wicked White Dress (Illusion Orchestra at the Gloomy Club)
  26. Nox Arcana – Midnight Hour (Phantoms Of The High Seas)

Between Birds of Prey #119 – Phantasmagoria.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #119 – Phantasmagoria.cue

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