In this episode we will follow a man’s hopeless fight with its inner entropy. It’s a certain defeat that will most likely end in madness…

Without further ado here is the playlist and audio for this episode:

  1. Dark Muse – Disorder (Sounds from Beyond the Silver Wheel)
  2. Megaptera – Disturbance (The Curse of the Scarecrow)
  3. Megaptera – More Disturbance (The Curse of the Scarecrow)
  4. Megaptera – The Curse of the Scarecrow (The Curse of the Scarecrow)
  5. Lithium – Threshold to Disharmony (Threshold to Disharmony)
  6. Lithium – Distortion Cell (Threshold to Disharmony)
  7. Lithium – The Entropy Within (Threshold to Disharmony)
  8. Atrium Carceri – Behind the Curtain of Life (Kapnobatai)
  9. Atrium Carceri – Corridor (Cellblock)
  10. Atrium Carceri – Inner Carceri (Cellblock)
  11. Lustmord – The Cell (Zoetrope)
  12. Lustmord – Cellular Blur (Zoetrope)
  13. Lustmord – The Harrow (Zoetrope)
  14. Beyond Sensory Experience – Inside erasmus head (Ratan)
  15. Raison D’Etre – Passing Inner Shield (In Sadness, Silence And Solitude)
  16. Desiderii Marginis – The Bitter Potion (Seven Sorrows)
  17. Musica Cthulhiana – By a Mad Mind (The Fourth)
  18. Musica Cthulhiana – Arkham Sanatorium (Fragment)
  19. Aesthesys – There Is Hope, But Not For Us (An Exceptionally Simple Theory Of Everything [EP])

Between Birds of Prey #107 – The Entropy Within.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #107 – The Entropy Within.cue

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