In this episode of Between Birds of Prey we will celebrate the arrival of Winter.

  1. Max Richter – Europe, After the Rain (Memoryhouse)
  2. Vivaldi/Richter – Winter 1 (ReComposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons)
  3. Backworld – Winter Flies II (Holy Fire)
  4. BJNilsen – Finisterre [Touch] (The Short Night)
  5. Vindensång – Epilogue: At Winter’s End / To Infinity (Terminus: Rebirth In Eight Parts…)
  6. Rapoon – Days Like Rain (Disappeared)
  7. Bersarin Quartett – The Deep And Lovely Quiet (The Reconstruction Of Fives)
  8. Nest – A Winternight Visage (Woodsmoke)
  9. Brian Crain – Rain (Piano Opus)
  10. Brian Crain – Ice (Piano Opus)
  11. Fabrizio Paterlini – After the rain there will always be the sun (Now)
  12. Birds of Passage – Those Blackest Winter Nights (Without the World)
  13. Tor Lundvall – Winter Song (Ghost Years)
  14. Sol Invictus – Trees In Winter (Trees In Winter)
  15. Darkwood – Winter (In The Fields)
  16. :Of The Wand And The Moon: – Winter Veil (Midnight Will)
  17. Sonne Hagal – Midwinternight (Helfahrt)
  18. Lux Interna – When winter comes (Absence and Plenum)
  19. Orplid – Winternachte (Nächtliche Jünger)
  20. H.E.R.R. – Hope Dies In Winter (The Winter Of Constantinople)
  21. Library Tapes – It Was A Cold Day In February And We Walked Across The Lake… (Feelings for Something Lost)
  22. Library Tapes – When We No Longer Are Around To Write Our Love On Each Others Eyelids (Feelings for Something Lost)
  23. Library Tapes – Fading Lights And Distant Memories (Feelings for Something Lost)
  24. Bohren & Der Club of Gore – Dead End Angels (Sunset Mission)

Between Birds of Prey #103 – When Winter Comes II.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #103 – When Winter Comes II.cue

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