This week’s episode of Between Birds of Prey is a musical journey beyond the veil of sleep.

The playlist and audio are as follows:

  1. Kammarheit – Dreamhours (Asleep and Well Hidden)
  2. Lustmord – Dreams Of Dead Names (Paradise Disowned)
  3. Atrium Carceri – Monolith of Dreams (Kapnobatai)
  4. H.E.R.R. – Act 2: Lucifer’s Dream (Vondel’s Lucifer First Movement)
  5. Fire + Ice – Care-Charmer Sleep (Seasons of Ice)
  6. Death In June & Boyd Rice – There Is No More Sleep (Scorpion Wind)
  7. Chamber – L’Orchestre de Chambre Noir – Sleep, Sweet Sleep (Solitude (Limited Edition))
  8. Changes – Dream Of The Fatherland (Codreanu Fidelis Legio)
  9. Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows – On Saturndays We Used To Sleep (Dead Lovers Sarabande)
  10. Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows – The Sleeper By Edgar Allan Poe (Dead Lovers Sarabande)
  11. All My Faith Lost… – Sleep Now (Flowers Made of Snow)
  12. Lux Interna – Somewhere Behind Sleep (Absence and Plenum)
  13. Peter Broderick – It’s a Storm When I Sleep (Glimmer)
  14. David Nevue – While The Trees Sleep (Whisperings)
  15. Max Richter – Lullaby From The West Coast Sleepers (24 Postcards In Full Colour)
  16. Halves – Morning Breaks The Sleep Recorder (Haunt Me When I’m Drowsy)
  17. Rudi Arapahoe – Every Time I Sleep (Echoes From One To Another)
  18. De La Mancha – Sleep (Atlas)
  19. Tor Lundvall – Birds Asleep (Ghost Years)
  20. Tor Lundvall – Sleeping (Sleeping And Hiding)
  21. Tor Lundvall – Mantis Asleep (Insect Wings, Leaf Matter & Broken Twigs)
  22. Birds of Passage – Waltz While We Sleep (Winter Lady)
  23. Birds of Passage – Disaster of Dreams (Winter Lady)
  24. Worrytrain – Sleep Crime (Sleeping Through The Endtimes)

Between Birds of Prey #99 – Beyond the Veil of Sleep.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #99 – Beyond the Veil of Sleep.cue

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