This episode of Between Birds of Prey is a musical exploration of an exorcism.

Here is the audio and playlist for tonight:

  1. Michael Wandmacher – The Chapel (The Last Exorcism, Part II)
  2. Brian Tyler – Confession (Constantine)
  3. K100 – They Tell Me About Their Darkness (The Vault Of Apparitions)
  4. Worrytrain – Exorcism for Cello and Malari (Fog Dance, My Moth Kingdom)
  5. Balanescu Quartet – Possessed (Possessed)
  6. Robert Wittinger – Sequentia diabolica (Maldoror-Requiem, Op. 42)
  7. Jerry Goldsmith – Killer’s Storm (The Omen)
  8. Jerry Goldsmith – The Altar (The Omen)
  9. Ah Cama-Sotz – When The Devil Comes To You (Dead Cities)
  10. Merciful Nuns – Ars Goetia (Goetia IV)
  11. Coph Nia – Sympathy For The Devil (Dark Illuminati)
  12. Coph Nia – The Hall Of Truth (Shape Shifter)
  13. Vladimír Hirsch – Averte ! (Exorcisms)
  14. Vladimír Hirsch – Ecce Crux (Exorcisms)
  15. Coph Nia – To Fix The Shadow (Shape Shifter)
  16. Coph Nia – Sanctus (That Which Remains)
  17. Ah Cama-Sotz – Deceitful Ghosts (Dead Cities)
  18. Michael Wandmacher – Crucifix (The Last Exorcism, Part II)
  19. Michael Wandmacher – The Demon Loves You (The Last Exorcism, Part II)
  20. Michael Wandmacher – The Devil’s Rule (The Last Exorcism, Part II)

Between Birds of Prey #98 – Exorcism.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #98 – Exorcism.cue

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