The thematic for Between Birds of Prey this week is “When Shadows Fall”. We will explore the world of shadows during two hours of music:

  1. Karnnos – Behind The Shadows (A Burial In Flames)
  2. Raison D’etre – Reflecting In Shadows (In Sadness, Silence And Solitude)
  3. :Golgatha: – Shadowland (The Waste Land)
  4. Caithness – Faces and Shades (Apostasy and the sorrowful child)
  5. Abandoned Toys – Where Red Shadows Slumber (The Witch’s Garden)
  6. Ulver – Eos (Shadows of the Sun)
  7. My Dying Bride – The Distance, Busy With Shadows (Evinta)
  8. Ulver – Vigil (Shadows of the Sun)
  9. Ulver – Shadows of the Sun (Shadows of the Sun)
  10. Orplid – Im Schatten der Queste (Nächtliche Jünger)
  11. Sig:Ar:Tyr – Orion Awaits (The Stranger)
  12. Agalloch – Where Shade Once Was (Oak Folk)
  13. Darkwood – Schattenmal (Ins Dunkle Land)
  14. Vergissmeinnicht – A Poem For The Shadow (Whispering Solitude)
  15. Nest – The Silvershade Lynx (Woodsmoke)
  16. Biosphere – Shade (Insomnia)
  17. Max Richter – Falling Shadow, Part 1 (La Prima Linea)
  18. Max Richter – Falling Shadow, Part 2 (La Prima Linea)
  19. Max Richter – Falling Shadow, Part 3 (La Prima Linea)
  20. Max Richter – Shadow Journal (The Blue Notebooks)
  21. Lisa Gerrard; Pieter Bourke – The Circulation of Shadows (Duality)
  22. Lisa Gerrard – Sanvean: I Am Your Shadow (The Mirror Pool)
  23. City of Prague Philharmonic – Twilight and Shadow (The Lord Of The Rings: The Return of the King)

Between Birds of Prey #90 – When Shadows Fall.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #90 – When Shadows Fall.cue

During the program, the following quotes were read:

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more; it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
William Shakespeare, Macbeth (1606), Act V, Scene 5

The best in this kind are but shadows, and the worst are no worse, if imagination amend them.
William Shakespeare – A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1596), Act V, Scene 1

(Orion) A hunter of shadows, himself a shade.
Homer, Odyssey (8th century BC), II. 572.

The fire seven times tried this,
Seven times tried that judgment is,
That did never choose amiss.
Some there be that shadows kiss.
Such have but a shadow’s bliss.
William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice (1598), Act II, Scene 9

Imagination is the real and eternal world, of which this vegetable universe is but a faint shadow, and in which we shall live in our eternal or imaginative bodies when these vegetable, mortal bodies are no more.
William Blake, from Jerusalem: The Emanation of The Giant Albion (1804).

Note: Accompanying this post is a photograph by Nassia Kapa.

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