Hero by ilyazonov

This episode of Between Birds of Prey is about the consequences of warfare and the ideology behind heroism.

What is heroism? Is it still meaningful nowadays as it was in the past? What is the goal of the hero? Is its effort futile?

Many of these questions will be answered, or at least focused, during the two hours of music contained in today’s episode.

“kydos means wonder, in the sense of awe; the heroic attraction resulting from cruelty in Homers epic ‘Iliad’ and ‘Odyssee’ (René Girard). The later engl. kudos means fame and renown resulting from an act or achievement; thus by logical extension is often used as a praising remark. In Europe we have passed the final age of heroism. The idea of the hero slowly fades away. When facing the ‘heroes’ of other civilizations we are overwhelmed by the scent of – death.”
From “Kydos – Reflections on Heroism” album by :Golgotha:

Note that on the right we have a representation of the painting “Hero” by ilyazonov.

Here is the playlist and audio:

  1. A Challenge Of Honour – Das Lut Der Helden (Wilhelm Gustloff)
  2. A Challenge Of Honour – Victorious (Seven Samurai)
  3. Desiderii Marginis – From Glory To Where (Strife)
  4. Across The Rubicon – Glory, Disillusionment And Despair (Who Doesn’t Listen To The Song, Will Hear The Storm)
  5. Across The Rubicon – Death Smiles To Us All (Elegy)
  6. Triarii – Heaven & Hell (Piece Heroique)
  7. Triarii – Heldentod (Piece Heroique)
  8. Nihil Novi Sub Sole – Victoria Victis (Jupiter Temple)
  9. Gaë Bolg – La Marche Des Morts (Mystica Mysteria II)
  10. Horologium – Following Artemis Victorious (Paradise Inverted)
  11. Beethoven, Ludwig van – Symphony No.3 in E flat major, op.55 – 2. ‘Eroica’ – Scherzo. Allegro vivace (9 Symphonies)
  12. Richard Wagner – Brünnhilde – O Siegfried! Siegfried! Seliger Held! (Siegfried)
  13. John Barbirolli: London Symphony Orchestra – Strauss (R): Ein Heldenleben – Das Held (Mahler: Symphony #6; Strauss (R): Ein Heldenleben [Disc 1])
  14. John Barbirolli: London Symphony Orchestra – Strauss (R): Ein Heldenleben – Des Helden Walstatt: Kriegsfanfaren (Mahler: Symphony #6; Strauss (R): Ein Heldenleben [Disc 1])
  15. Von Thronstahl – Victoria II (E Pluribus Unum)
  16. Von Thronstahl – St. Michael´s Path Of Fire & Glory (Codreanu Fidelis Legio)
  17. BloodSoil – Heroic Spirit (Svvm Cviqve)
  18. Days Of The Trumpet Call – The Masters Of Decay (Heroes & Traitors)
  19. Days Of The Trumpet Call – Power & Dignity (San Torga) (Heroes & Traitors)
  20. Carved In Stone – Heldentod (Hear the Voice)
  21. Sol Invictus – Heroes Day (Lex Talionis)
  22. Test Dept. – Arddyledog Ganu (Heroic Society) (Gododdin [with Brith Gof])
  23. Ritual Front – Crimson Death-Hill (Lightnings Over Crimson Hill)
  24. :Golgatha: – Fields Of Honour (Kydos – Reflections On Heroism)
  25. :Golgatha: – Kamikaze (Kydos – Reflections On Heroism)
  26. :Golgatha: – Final Age Of Heroism (Kydos – Reflections On Heroism)

Between Birds of Prey #82 – Reflections on Heroism.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #82 – Reflections on Heroism.cue

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