Today we will make a musical journey through the Universe, having as guide the great book “Cosmos” by Carl Sagan –

“We are star stuff which has taken its destiny into its own hands.” in Carl Sagan – “Cosmos”

Here is the playlist/audio for today:

  1. Artefactum – Drifting Through Corridor of the Stars (Lost Signals From Unknown Horizons)
  2. Dark Water Memories – The Stars My Destination (The Rejuvenation Ballet: Music For Those Across The River)
  3. Desiderii Marginis – Constant Like The Northern Star (Seven Sorrows)
  4. Karnnos – Silence… And Stars, Falling (The Nemeth/)
  5. Fjernlys – Star’s Orbit (Beyond The Undulant Quiescence)
  6. Brendan Perry – Voyage of Bran (Eye of the Hunter)
  7. Lisa Gerrard – wandering star (The Silver Tree)
  8. Coph Nia – Our Lady of the Stars (That Which Remains)
  9. Irfan – Star of the Winds (Khaukab al Hawwa) (Seraphim)
  10. Qntal – Falling star (Silver Swan)
  11. Nhor – Upon The Wind Its Wings Beat Sorrow Into The Stars (Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings)
  12. Max Richter – Stairs Abyss Starlight (Henry May Long)
  13. Tor Lundvall – Star Cathedral (Ice)
  14. July Skies – the night sky (Dreaming of Spires)
  15. Vergissmeinnicht – Cosmos (His Own Strange Songs)
  16. Lux Interna – Rosa Mundi (Ignis Mutat Res)
  17. The Joy Of Nature – A Theatre Lost in the Vast Abyss of Starry Skies Pt 1 (Swirling Lands of Disquiet and Catharsis)
  18. The Joy Of Nature – A Theatre Lost in the Vast Abyss of Starry Skies Pt 2 (Swirling Lands of Disquiet and Catharsis)
  19. The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation – Cosmonaut (Rasputina) (Egor)

Between Birds of Prey #64 – Cosmos.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #64 – Cosmos.cue

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