Discipline of Silence

For this episode we have an episode inspired by Silence.

  1. David Sylvian – Approaching Silence (Approaching Silence)
  2. Taphephobia – Silence As A Weapon (Access to a World of Pain)
  3. Subheim – Silence (Foray)
  4. Council of Nine – Tower of Silence (Dakhma)
  5. Alphaxone – Nothing Era (Echoes from Outer Silence)
  6. Alphaxone – Revealing the Depth (Echoes from Outer Silence)
  7. Wordclock – The Night (Endless)
  8. Word Clock – Les Portes Du Silence (Endless)
  9. Marsen Jules – katiyana (The Empire of Silence)
  10. Marsen Jules – naklin (The Empire of Silence)
  11. In The Nursery – Oppressive Silence (The Fall of the House of Usher)
  12. Christopher Willits & Ryuchi Sakamoto – Completion (Ancient Future)
  13. Der Blaue Reiter – In the Distance Where Silence Is (Fragments of Live, Love & War)

Between Birds of Prey #221 – Silence.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #221 – Silence.cue

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