Still having in mind the situation in Europe, this week we haveĀ an episode that focus on chaos and all its consequences.

  1. Wolfskin – The Body Of Chaos (O Ajuntar Das Sombras)
  2. Desiderii Marginis – Songs over Ruins I (Songs Over Ruins)
  3. Desiderii Marginis – Songs over Ruins II (Songs Over Ruins)
  4. Atrium Carceri – In Chaos Eternal (Seishinbyouin)
  5. Atrium Carceri – Twisted Foetus (Seishinbyouin)
  6. chaos as shelter – stoned spirits (Secret Lords)
  7. Darkwood & Chaos As Shelter – Leukosis (Lapis)
  8. Darkwood & Chaos As Shelter – Yield (Lapis)
  9. Karnnos – Ruins Of Beauty And Love (A Burial In Flames)
  10. Karnnos – Riddle Of Knots (A Burial In Flames)
  11. Lithium – Threshold to Disharmony (Threshold to Disharmony)
  12. Lithium – The Entropy Within (Threshold to Disharmony)
  13. Lustmord – Terror Against Terror (Paradise Disowned)
  14. Martin Stig Andersen – Overlooking Chaos (Limbo)
  15. Megaptera – Mass Murder Part II (Beautiful Chaos)
  16. Megaptera – Final Day (First Cut) (Beautiful Chaos)
  17. Ramin Djawadi – Chaos Is a Ladder (Game of Thrones: Season 3)
  18. Musica Cthulhiana – Secret Diary (The Fourth)
  19. Musica Cthulhiana – Cycle four: The 2nd Sin (The Fourth)
  20. Musica Cthulhiana – Moriarty’s Ruins (Fragment)
  21. Profane Grace – Descent Into Primordial Chaos (Cast In The Mold Of The Ancients)

Between Birds of Prey #173 – Chaos is a Ladder.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #173 – Chaos is a Ladder.cue

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