This week we have a musical journey through the realm of despair, so this episode of Between Birds of Prey is dedicated to all those who have lost hope…

Note that on the right we have a photograph of Pavel Tereshkovets that represents well this emotion.

Without further ado, here is the audio and the playlist for this episode:

  1. Desire – Chapter X: Cries of Despair (Locus Horrendus – The Night Cries of a Sullen Soul… (…Romantic Tragic Concept…))
  2. Anenzephalia – No Better Future (Natural Order)
  3. Archon Satani – Hymn Ov Despair (Virgin Birth…(Born Again))
  4. Aesthesys – There Is Hope, But Not For Us (An Exceptionally Simple Theory Of Everything [EP])
  5. Elliot Goldenthal – Madelene’s Lament (Interview With The Vampire)
  6. Arcana – Lament (unreleased demo, 1998) (The New Light)
  7. The Tolkien Ensemble – Lament for Théoden (A Night In Rivendell)
  8. Alio Die – Internal Haunt (Sol Niger)
  9. Tor Lundvall – Despair (Ice)
  10. The Joy of Nature and Discipline – A lament for this cursed age (agkaanta, asrti, parasamgate)
  11. David Arnold – We Don’t Want to Die (Stargate (OMPS))
  12. Sieben – Peterson’s lament (Our Solitary Confinement)
  13. Max Richter – Desperation (Die Fremde)
  14. Test Dept. – Truan Yw Gennyf Fi (Lament) (Gododdin [with Brith Gof])
  15. Rebekah Del Rio – Crying (Llorando) (Mulholland Drive)
  16. Diamanda Galas – Gloomy Sunday (The Singer 1992)
  17. Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows – …And Bringer Of Sadness (Songs From The Inverted Womb)
  18. Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows – No-one is there (Dead Lovers’ Sarabande (Face II))
  19. Lupercalia – Il Lamento Di Trissino (Soehrimnir)
  20. H.E.R.R. – Hope Dies In Winter (The Winter Of Constantinople)
  21. :Golgatha: – Bury All Hope (Kydos – Reflections On Heroism)
  22. Rome – Hope Dies Painless (Nera)
  23. :Of The Wand And The Moon: – Lost in emptiness (Emptiness:Emptiness:Emptiness)
  24. Forseti – Verzweiflung (Windzeit)
  25. Von Thronstahl – Gloomy White Sunday (Sacrificare)

Between Birds of Prey #35  – Despair.mp3

Between Birds of Prey #35  – Despair.cue

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